Two rare and collectable guitars have been stolen from a house in East Oxford.

The burglary took place between July 17 and 20 in Stratford Street. The property was undergoing building work and the front door was often open over that period.

It is believed that during that time an opportunist thief went into the house and stole the guitars.

The items are:

  • Rickenbacker 360 12 - a left-handed 12-string guitar made in a Sunburst design, which is modelled on the George Harrison Rickenbacker made famous when he was in the Beatles.
  • Rickenbacker does not make many left handed guitars and a left-handed twelve-string is almost irreplaceable.
  • Gibson Les Paul "Black Beauty" - a left handed guitar made in 1974 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of that model manufacture.

    Very few left-handed guitars were made in this anniversary run and again the guitar is effectively irreplaceable.

Pc Rob France, of the Oxford Burglary Team, said: "These are two extremely valuable and rare guitars that had huge sentimental value to the owner and will be impossible to replace.

"These items are going to be instantly recognisable to anyone who knows about guitars. "I would expect that if someone has bought them without realising they were stolen goods they will come forward.

"The thief may not have realised what they had and sold them for a fraction of what they are worth. If you have been offered these items, then please let us know."

Anyone with information is urged to contact Pc France on 08458 505505.