A COUPLE hoping to build a £6m disability day centre in Oxfordshire say they have been granted official charity status.

Rachael and Ian Scott-Hunter announced the ‘wonderful news’ yesterday that the Charity Commission had accepted their application.

The recognition means they can get on with fundraising for the Alexandra House of Joy.

Mrs Scott-Hunter, 70, of Chesterton, said: “The charity commissioners have accepted our charity and agreed we can begin our task of fundraising.

“We get our charity number next week: we are all so immensely thrilled.”

The couple were inspired to start their centre through their experiences of caring for disabled daughter Alexandra, 44, and their battle against cuts to day centres by Oxfordshire County Council.

They have said they want to provide daytime support to adults with severe learning disabilities, as well as end-of-life care and respite for carers like themselves.

The project has been backed by Sister Frances Dominica, founder of Helen and Douglas House children’s hospice in Oxford.

The couple have assembled a board of trustees – many of whom they know through their church community – which includes Sister Frances.

They are hoping to raise £2.5m towards the centre through a public appeal.

The couple, who also belong to a support group for parents with disabled children, are hoping to find a site in North Oxfordshire to build the centre.