THEY welcomed people to an Oxfordshire town for generations but now a new home is needed to save historic street signs from being scrapped.

Seven ‘Welcome to Didcot’ signs were replaced in the town in 2015 and they have sat in council storage ever since.

Town councillors have now decided the ownership of the signs should be transferred to Didcot’s mayor Jackie Billington to dispose of ‘in such ways as she sees fit’.

The mayor is hoping to be able to sell the signs to raise money for her charities.

Ms Billington is approaching potential hosts for the heavy cast iron signs, including Didcot Railway Centre, but has also said that anyone could purchase one if they wish.

Potential options for getting rid of them include putting the signs on ebay or holding an auction.

Adorned with the crest of Didcot and town’s twin town Meylan in France, the value of the signs is unknown, but it is hoped that their historic significance will tempt a few people to buy one.

If not the signs are likely to be sold for scrap, Ms Billington warned.

She said: “These signs were in place for as long as I’ve lived in the town, and that’s 25 years.

“No one can quite remember when they were first installed but it was a long time ago.

“They are a little piece of the town’s history, not very glamorous but important nonetheless.

“I would hate to see them lost for good.

“Someone somewhere must want one, it would be great if we could get them on display for future generations to see.’

To express an interest in purchasing one of the signs email