THAMES Valley's police commissioner has suggested government ministers are reluctant to speak with him due to political differences.

Anthony Stansfeld revealed he is yet to have a one-to-one meeting with the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, despite her being in post since the summer of 2016.

Mr Stansfeld, who is responsible for overseeing policing in Oxfordshire, was quizzed on his relationship with Amber Rudd at the last meeting of the police and crime panel.

Responding to questions about his relationship with fellow Conservative Ms Rudd, Mr Stansfeld said communication was a two-way street and suggested ministers were ‘reluctant’ to speak to him over political differences.

The question about Mr Stansfeld’s relationship with Ms Rudd, whose role covers policing and national security, and other ministers was raised by Oxford city councillor Tom Hayes.

He asked why, as a Conservative police and crime commissioner, Mr Stansfeld was not able to achieve better results for the area.

Mr Stansfeld said at the November meeting: “I think it’s a two-way street. They’ve got to want to talk to you.

“I think they know my views and are fairly reluctant to speak to me on them.

“I did meet the last Home Secretary fairly regularly and I’m in verbal written contact but I’m not, I have to say, with the MP for Hastings and Rye [Ms Rudd], despite the fact that my majority is somewhat larger than hers – by several times.

“It’s a difficult one. Within our parties we don’t always agree and I certainly didn’t agree on Brexit with a lot of my Conservative MPs. There are differences of opinion. I think there are clear differences of opinion in all parties on this.”

This week, Mr Stansfeld comfirmed he had not met Miss Rudd on a one-to-one basis, but had met her with other police and crime commissioners on three occasions.

Mr Hayes also suggested that Mr Stansfeld had experienced difficulty in meeting with policing minister Nick Hurd and Theresa May, since she became Prime Minister.

Mr Stansfeld said this week that he had met with Mr Hurd (a meeting took place in November after the meeting of the police and crime panel) and had scheduled a meeting with the Prime Minister.

Mr Hayes, who is board member for community safety on the city council, suggested it was wrong to play politics.

He said: “Thames Valley Police has been made to slash millions from its annual budget for years and years.

“These brutal cuts have resulted in many fewer officers on our streets and widespread community concerns about the growing invisibility of policing.

“We need the Home Secretary to be talking to the police and crime commissioner, not refusing to acknowledge him just because he’s a loud Brexit advocate and she isn’t.”