EMERGENCY first aid courses will be held for motorcyclists after a rise in the number of road deaths last year.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service will hold the free sessions after the number of motorcyclists killed rose from three to eight – accounting for more than a third of road deaths in 2017.

The 'biker down' workshops for motorcyclists and other road users are for people to learn what to do if they are the first person at scene of an incident - particularly one involving a motorcyclist.

They involve basic first aid training including when and how to remove a rider’s helmet and how to make bikers more visible to other road users.

Road safety team leader for the fire service, Andy Ford said it was 'a concern' to see the rise in biker fatalities.

Mr Ford, who is himself a experienced motorcyclist, said: “Compared with other road users, motorcyclists will always be more vulnerable to serious injury in a road collision or when losing control of their vehicle.

"No matter how long you’ve been a biker, you’re never too good and there are always new things you can learn from further training – both in terms of how you can help at the scene of an incident, and how you can be a safer rider.

"It’s not just the young or inexperienced rider who is at risk - those killed in Oxfordshire ranged from just 17 years old all the way up to 72.”

To register interest in attending a biker down workshop and go on a waiting list for notification of the 2018 dates/venues, email bikerdown@oxfordshire.gov.uk