A MAN and woman from Oxfordshire have been arrested on suspicion of being involved with a banned neo-Nazi group.

West Midlands Police arrested two people from Banbury as part of a series of arrests across the country against the group National Action.

The force said the suspects, aged between 21 and 37, were detained under Section 41 of the Terrorism Act today.

The male suspects include a 26-year-old from Cambridge, a 21-year-old from Banbury, Oxfordshire, a 28-year-old from Wolverhampton, a 26-year-old from Leicester and a 24-year-old from Stockport.

The female suspect is a 37-year-old, also from Banbury, West Midlands Police said.

The arrests were pre-planned and intelligence-led with no threat to the public's safety, the force said.

Far-right group National Action was founded in 2013 and is considered a terrorist organisation by the UK Government.

National Action was made a proscribed terrorist organisation in December 2016, the first extreme right-wing group to be outlawed in the UK.

Some of its members have already been jailed for crimes including sending offensive messages to MPs.

The arrests are the latest in a wave of raids on alleged National Action members since the group was banned.

Counter-terror police have detained dozens of people, including some on suspicion of plotting terror attacks, since the order formally came into effect.