NEW Year’s Eve festivities spilled over into violence when a brawl erupted outside a city centre nightclub.

Footage shared on social media from outside the club during Sunday night shows several men fighting with each other outside ATIK before the tussle was broken up by bouncers.

The video, which as of yesterday had been watched by more than 34,000 people, lasts nearly 40 seconds and shows several punches being thrown as well as a man being shoved to the ground outside the Park End Street club.

The video was posted to Facebook by Zak Taylor, but has since been removed from public view. 

Initially, the fight appears to be between members of the public before door staff from ATIK and nearby venues get involved and break it up.

It is not clear whether those involved in the fight had been in ATIK during the course of the night.

A spokesman for the nightclub emphasised that the scuffle was broken up quickly and said it does not tolerate violence or anti-social behaviour.

The spokesman said: “Making sure that people have a fun and safe night out is our main priority and we do not tolerate violent or anti-social behaviour of any kind.

“When a fight broke out on the street near the venue between members of the public, our team, together with door supervisors from a neighbouring venue, stepped in quickly to break it up.

“Nobody was injured and the night continued on in a calm manner.”