PLANS to increase the amount of waste sent to the Ardley incinerator could be approved despite objections from a nearby village.

This month the Ardley plant – run by Viridor – marked one million tonnes of residual waste since opening in 2014, the equivalent of 450 Olympic-sized pools full of rubbish.

It also provides enough energy to power 38,000 homes.

But its previous 300,000 tonnes per annum limit on waste could be increased to 326,300 after Viridor said expected maintenance closures in recent years had been fewer than expected.

Oxfordshire County Council officials have recommended the proposals be passed when its planning and regulation committee meets on January 8.

Bucknell Parish Council - the village sits 0.7 miles from the facility - has objected to the increase, the only village to do so.

It said: "The applicant has not addressed the detrimental impact on the local community of the consequences of the proposed increase in tonnage.

There have been a number of concerns since the plant became operational, including in relation to escape of Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate dust, water discharge, light pollution and traffic.

"An increase in tonnage would exacerbate the situation."

It also called for live information on emissions to be made available.

Despite the concerns council officials refuted all the issue raised by the council and asked councillors to approve the application at a meeting at County Hall on January 8 at 2pm.