A STALKER so obsessed with BBC news presenter Emily Maitlis that he continued to bombard her with letters despite a court order has had a last minute bid to change his plea thrown out.

Edward Vines, of Clarks Row, Oxford, had already admitted two counts of breaching a restraining order at Oxford Crown Court last month.

The 47-year old had sent one letter to the presenter between November 28 2016 and December 15 2016 and another between September 16 2017 and September 22 2017.

At the same court on Tuesday, Vines, who was set to be sentenced that day, instead dismissed his legal team and urged a judge to have his guilty plea changed to not guilty so he could instead face trial.

Addressing the court Vines stood right up against the dock and said: “I am in two minds about this case.

“The words are stacked against me, I have been immediately reported [on] very negatively against me. Obviously to be found not guilty in this case would be very difficult.

“I am not guilty of harassing her from the very beginning. I have just changed my mind.

“The order is based on a fictitious act brought on by her in 2002.”

Dismissing his demand to have the plea changed Recorder David Mayall said: “[The argument] that that order should not have been made in the first place is one that will have no possible prospect of success.

“I exercise my discretion to refuse the defendant’s appeal to change his plea.”

Interrupting the recorder after he made his decision, Vines then burst out: “I have not received a fair trial, I am back to square one, back to 2002.”

He later vowed that he would not seek further legal representation ahead of his sentence after he dismissed his current legal team.

Last year Vines was jailed for three years at Oxford Crown Court for breaching an order initially imposed after he was convicted in 2002 of harassing Ms Maitlis where he was jailed for four months.

During the two-day trial in September for beaching the order, jurors heard Vines began pestering the journalist after declaring his ‘unrequited’ love for her while studying together at Cambridge University in the 1990s.

He said he accepted sending letters and emails to her as well as to her mother and told jurors that he wanted to ‘resolve’ differences between them.

Sentencing Vines to three years in prison at Oxford Crown Court Judge Peter Ross said at the time: “You have what appears to me a completely unshakeable obsession, underpinned by a complete delusion as to the relationship that had existed between you and Ms Maitlis.

“That is abundantly clear in the extraordinary letters you have written to her. You have known in truth for 25 years that this woman wants nothing to do with you.”

The fresh offences relate to an order imposed on January 2009.

Vines will be sentenced at the same court on January 16.