THE PLANNING approval for an expansion of Seacourt Park and Ride has been 'called in' for review.

A new committee of city councillors will now hold a second meeting to review the decision made over the Botley Road car park on Tuesday night.

The meeting is set for January 18 at Oxford Town Hall.

Councillor Colin Cook, who voted to reject the expansion plan at the West Area Planning Committee on Tuesday at the town hall, managed to persuade 11 other councillors to join his call for a review yesterday.

The other councillors are Susanna Pressel, Lord Mayor Jean Fooks, Saj Malik, Craig Simmons, Ruthi Brandt, Andrew Gant, Liz Wade, Stephen Goddard, Ruth Wilkinson, Mohammed Altaf-Khan and Dick Wolff.

Mr Cook said yesterday: "I was surprised it went so quickly."

Asked what he thought was likely to happen at the meeting he said: "You can never tell with these things – the councillors on the committee may be different people from those who called for the review, and people often call things in for different reasons."

Asked whether he would turn up to speak against the plan at the meeting as he passionately did on Tuesday, he said: "I could do, I will have a think about it, but the people who were there on Tuesday put cogent cases, and I suspect they will do so again."