SHE has won Olympic medals, danced on national television and now Oxfordshire resident Victoria Pendleton is aiming to scale the world’s highest mountain.

The ex-Olympic cyclist will tackle the climb in April 2018 alongside celebrity adventurer Ben Fogle to raise money for the British Red Cross and highlight the environmental challenges facing mountains.

The pair decided to take on the challenge after they realised it was a shared goal whilst sitting next to each other at a function.

Ms Pendleton, who lives in Moreton, near Thame, has competed as a jockey, and appeared on Strictly Come Dancing since retiring from cycling in 2012.

She has also completed charity work around the county, including cutting the ribbon to officially open Sobell House's new Bicester shop in April.

She said climbing Everest appealed to her as she likes focusing on long-term goals.

She added: “I believe in fate and what will be will be.

“I feel like it’s something that I want to do, that I want to attempt.

“Whether it happens or not I don’t know, whether we get there and weather conditions aren’t suitable.

“We are not going to be ego-driven and get summit-crazy about getting up there but we both want to give it our best shot.”

Mr Fogle said he felt society today avoids risk and 'mollycoddles' children as he gears up for the challenge.

He said: “I am a firm believer that we have, as a society, almost made risk an extinct word.

“We are terrified of it, we shy away from it. We tend to mollycoddle our children.”

Mr Fogle said he is aware of the dangers of Everest, which has seen many fatalities, but added that it’s important not to 'shy away' from adventure.

He added that he wants to become an 'inspiring' influence to his children.