HAVING so many new food places arriving in Oxford all at the same time has been extremely exciting. I saved a few pennies to one side, just so I could run around trying as much as I possibly could.

You may have read some of the glowing reviews on this site in recent weeks.

It’s not all good though, as I found when I visited Ned's Noodles.

I want you to first just understand how much I adore noodles.

Even at home I am constantly asked if we can have a break from noodles. I go mad for them, and we’re very lucky in Oxford to have the likes of the amazing Red Star noodle bar in Cowley Road and Noodle Nation at Gloucester Green. Top, tasty places, one and all.

That, and the fact I am known to friends as ‘Ned’ made me super excited to burst through the doors of the Westgate Social and join the queue at Ned’s Noodle Bar.

Never again. I’m sorry Ned, your noodles just don’t cut the mustard.

I’m not sure if it’s because your new staff are overcooking everything, but the noodles were slimy, mushy and not good in any way.

I’ve had better from an overcooked supermarket value microwave chicken chow mein. And £7.95 for a small box of slime posing as Yaki Soba is poor value.

As for the gyozas? A tiny pot of four micro gyozas for nearly a fiver is poor value. Then to have them deep fried to within an inch of their lives, making them crunchier than a pork scratching, is inexcusable.

Sad to say, Ned needs to up his game.

* Ned's Noodles is in the Westgate Social, Westgate Centre, Oxford