A THUG who launched into a savage attack on an ex-lover by strangling, kicking and punching her before cutting her with a knife has been jailed.

Jay Baker, of Chatham Road, New Hinksey, Oxford, carried out the horrifying attack on a woman at her Abingdon Road, Oxford, home in the early hours of July 19 this year.

The 36-year old was set to stand trial at Oxford Crown Court yesterday but in a last minute change of heart he pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

At his sentencing the court heard how Baker, a professional decorator, had been in a six-year relationship with his victim but that this had come to an end in January.

Prosecuting, Charles Ward-Jackson, said that on the night of the incident he was invited into her home and that the night had begun well, with the pair sharing drinks and 'reminiscing about old times'.

At some point during the evening, the court heard, his ex-partner told Baker that she had 'wasted' the last six years of her life being in a relationship with him.

This was enough to send him into a rage and then over the course of a two-hour ordeal he repeatedly punched and kicked the woman.

Mr Ward-Jackson said: "He pushed her onto the bed and put his hands around her throat and started to strangle her, and then pulled her around the flat by her hair.

"He got hold of a kitchen knife and waved it before going back to the kitchen to get a Stanley knife.

"He came back to the bedroom and waved the knife down towards her face. She raised her arm and the blade of the knife connected with the back of her left forearm."

The cut was a 6cm gash across her arm which later needed to be thoroughly cleaned because the knife was old and dirty, the court heard.

CCTV footage was also played to the court appearing to show Baker take a run at his victim who was standing outside of her flat before hurling a fist to her head and knocking her to the ground.

Baker eventually left the flat and his victim initially told doctors that she had fallen down the stairs before she was persuaded to contact police about what had happened.

As well as the cut injury she also sustained bruising to the left side of her beck as a result of the strangulation and bruising to her right shoulder and right upper arm.

In mitigation, Oliver Grimwood said that his client was 'remorseful' at what had happened and since he was arrested he had used his time in prison to mentor others on tackling violent behaviour.

Sentencing, Judge Zoe Smith said: "When your former partner made a comment about the years you spent together you quite frankly went berserk.

"You started punching and kicking her, you pushed her on to a bed and you were strangling her, you pulled her by her hair and you threatened her with a knife.

"This was an act on an ex-partner in her own home and even when she tried to leave the flat you nevertheless continued to punch and kick her."

He was jailed for a total of 27 months - made up of 27 months for each count to run concurrently.