A ROCKING new trend in Oxfordshire has taken on a Christmas twist.

The alternative artists behind the Wantage Rocks craze have teamed up with villagers from Faringdon, Bampton and Fairford for a festive Advent Rocks campaign.

One of the organisers from Wantage, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained: "Six rockers from each of the communities have been set a mission to paint four rocks with the same Christmas theme of their choosing.

"Each area will have one of the themed rocks from the artist (24 artists in total for advent) and will hide it in the area for another rocker to find."

The four main people behind Bampton Rocks, Fairford Rocks, Faringdon Rocks, and Wantage Rocks groups met to exchange their advent rocks at the end of November, and the hunting officially kicked off on Friday.

The creative craze, which started in the United States, arrived in Oxfordshire this summer when a group of parents and painters started decorating rocks and hiding them around Wantage for others to find.

More than 1,200 people have now joined the Wantage Rocks Facebook group.

Find out what all the fuss is about at facebook.com/WantageRocks