CALLS for David Cameron to re-enter public life have had a cool reception from readers.

Paddy O'Connell, hosting Radio 4's Broadcasting House programme on Sunday morning, asked whether the public would like to see more of the former Prime Minister after he gave a rare interview to FT Weekend on Saturday.

Mr O'Connell went to the PM's former Witney constituency where several residents, including Conservative councillor Liam Walker, said they would like to see Mr Cameron back on the 'frontline of politics'.

Oxford Mail readers, however, were quick to share their own views.

Commenting on our website, Andy Jericho said: "David Cameron played Russian roulette with this country's future and lost, all for personal political advantage. He did more damage to this country than any PM in history."

Cigarman said: "Witney voters can call for him to return, but he was disaster for the country."

Vocman1 quipped: "Road sweeper, school crossing warden? Maybe park keeper. He'd still be useless, but do less damage than he did as PM."

Over45 said simply: "NO, No and again I say No."

A commenter calling themselves Willy - Ekerslike was one of the few to stick up for Mr Cameron, saying: "I reckon he did ok both for the country plus Witney, bring him back I say."

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