HE HAS rocked all over the world, including in Memphis and on stage with McFly, now a 12-year-old Oxfordshire boy's guitar skills have become an internet sensation.

A video of Toby Lee performing with American bluesman Ronnie Baker Brooks in Denmark has attracted 54 million views on Facebook.

The Banbury-born youngster, who has been playing guitar since he was six, has been labelled the 'future of the blues'.

He previously recorded a get well song for legendary guitarist BB King before he died that was viewed by over 100 million people.

The former Wroxton School pupil, who now attends theatre school in London, said: "It’s hard to take in really but very exciting at the same time.

“It was an honour to play with Ronnie Baker Brooks and then for the video to reach millions around the world is just awesome.

"I’ve had lots of offers since so hopefully I might get the chance to do it again.

“It felt very weird to be on stage like that at the weekend and then to be back at school on the Monday morning - it was like a dream.”

Toby's love of strumming began when he was given a ukulele as a gift when he was four.

He began listening to Jimi Hendrix in his bedroom and took up the electric guitar and was further trained at the Witchwood School of Rock near Witney.

He was then cast in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical School of Rock in the West End and performed with the show on Comic Relief, the Michael McIntyre show and The X Factor.

Dad Terry Lee, who lives in Wroxton with wife Tracey, said it's a bit surreal to see his son on stage all over the world.

He said: "I don't think any one expected him to achieve so much so quickly.

"We are used to the sound of the guitar coming from his room but he just took to it so quickly.

"We're not quite sure where the talent comes from.

"My dreams of being a rockstar are long gone so I've given all my guitars to Toby.

"We are very proud of him.

"He is a natural on the stage - he is happier on it than off."

Toby is now hoping to launch a new band called the UK Kidz with three other cast members from School of Rock.