A MAN plagued by demons of depression, anxiety and alcohol addiction took his own life at home in Witney, an inquest heard.

Mark Bugler, 36, who hanged himself at his Witney home in August, has been described by his family as 'incredibly funny, caring and kind'.

Part of the former aircraft inspector's personal turmoil was a result of an incident 10 years ago in which he killed a cyclist on the road in Hertfordshire while drunk behind the wheel of his van.

He suffered from post traumatic stress as a result of the experience, which also resulted in prison time.

Both his family and the assistant coroner, speaking at Oxford Coroner's Court yesterday morning, suggested that Mr Bugler had been let down by the system.

His sister Jaime Seton, speaking on behalf of the family, including his parents and aunt, said: "Mark was an incredibly funny, caring and kind person. He used to make us all laugh constantly.

"He was so worried about how we were all feeling and wanted desperately to get better.

"He was so consumed by alcohol, depression and anxiety but deep down all he wanted was to be happy and have a normal life."

Mrs Seton, of Leafield, found her brother hanging at home in Manor Road on August 7, after he did not respond to phone calls.

Assistant coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp delivered a verdict of suicide.

She said Mr Bugler was 'one of a growing number of individuals to fall between two stools'.

Ms Rhodes-Kemp added: "All assessments indicate he was someone desperate to rid himself of alcohol and drugs. It's a terrible shame and such a waste."