A FIGHT involving around 50 teenagers broke out in Oxford and police are hunting those involved.

Police were called to a disturbance in Ship Street at 4pm on Thursday after receiving reports of a fight involving a large number of people.

But the crowd had dispersed by the time police arrived - some are thought to have fled onto Cornmarket Street, while others jumped over the railings of St Michael at the North Gate church.

Officers searched the area but couldn't track down anyone involved.

Passers-by said large groups of youngsters were often seen lingering in the street on most weekday afternoons.

Police urged anyone with information on 'ongoing issues' in the street to contact the force.

Thames Valley Police spokesman, Gareth Ford-Lloyd, said: "We were called to reports of a disturbance involving a number of youths on Ship street Oxford.

"Officers attended the scene but the group had dispersed.

"The officers carried out a search in the area to locate the youths."

Resident Jocelyn Ireson-Paine said the behaviour of youngsters in the street was a recurring problem.

He said: "I often go down Ship Street, and I've seen crowds of kids hanging around outside the old Heroes sandwich bar most weekday afternoons.

"It's been that way for several weeks. There are usually only 15 at most, but they're loud, threatening, and very frightening.

"Thursday's fight, and the fact the police were called, shows they're also dangerous."

The force urged anyone with information or pictures of the youngsters to get in touch - it also called for people with information on ongoing issues in the street to contact police on 101.