COUNTY councillors recognised the importance of bus routes to residents at a meeting last week.

Lib Dem councillor Kirsten Johnson moved a motion to recognise the need for the services through the county at a meeting last week. It was supported unanimously.

Parts of the county have seen bus routes reduce after bus companies' subsidies were cut.

Mrs Johnson said: “Good bus services promote community, they allow young people to continue to live in villages. Good services reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality, all whilst providing a service many need.

“The county needs to integrate all our transport provision, including school transport and day-care transport, with local transport, consolidating funds to provide economy of scale in transport solutions. Co-operative, mutual, social enterprise and not-for-profit models are to be encouraged in providing a comprehensive service.

“Other counties use Demand Responsive Transport and Hail and Ride services to supplement commercial services. An integrated approach to countywide transport aids economic growth by providing transport to school, colleges, apprenticeships and jobs; reducing wear on our roads; reducing congestion; improving air quality; and promoting well-being for those otherwise isolated at home."