FOR ONE night only people are being invited to an evening of swearing in the name of science.

Guest can put away the swear box, take themselves off the naughty step and join Science Oxford at 7pm on Thursday for some purposeful profanity at Pembroke Street's The Story Museum.

Artificial Intelligence researcher and swearing enthusiast Emma Byrne, author of Swearing Is Good For You, explores how bad words might actually be good for us and serve a range of evolutionary functions.

At the interactive event, audiences will get the chance to see and try out some AI and swearing experiments, including playing with web robots, designing their own swearing test, and perhaps, just perhaps, taking on the ‘ice water challenge’ to experience how swearing affects resilience in extreme conditions.

Ms Byrne is an AI researcher with an interest in the neuroscience of swearing.

She likes to explore methods for conducting unusual experiments to find out the weird and wonderful stuff in our minds.

Copies of Swearing is Good for You will be available to purchase on the night and the author will be doing a book signing.

Tickets are £8 and can be booked online via