A NEW shop in the Westgate Centre has teamed up with a mental health charity.

The Body Shop will be working with Oxfordshire Mind to encourage wellbeing in the workplace.

The shop will be delivering workplace wellbeing talks, which look at managing stress, positive work practises, stigma and discrimination.

More than half of workers find their work very stressful but despite this only 95 per cent of people who took time off sick for stress cited a different reason for their absence, which is often a physical health problem.

CEO of Mind Dan Knowles said: “It is good to hear that the Body Shop are creating a strong workplace culture which focuses on mental and physical wellbeing.

“It is so important that employers create an environment where staff feel openly to talk about stress and poor mental health at work, including any issues they’re facing – whether personal, professional or a combination.

“Oxfordshire Mind want employers to see promoting good mental health as more than a legal obligation, but part of being a responsible employer and sending a message to staff that they are valued and appreciated.

“Changing the negative culture around mental health and tackling the causes of stress and poor mental health at work will benefit all staff at work and home.”