A MAN with early-onset Parkinson’s disease has unveiled plans to create a therapeutic community garden for fellow sufferers.

Ewan Stutt, who was just 41 when he was diagnosed in 2013 and now runs the Parkinsons.ME support charity, has said he wants to create a dedicated space for families affected.

Mr Stutt, who lives in West Lockinge near Wantage, has applied for planning permission to create the garden on land owned by the Lockinge Estate.

Writing to Vale of White Horse District Council he said: “The community garden will focus on three main activities: community, exercise and healthy eating.

“The central round patio will be used as the main focal point.

“Given time we will use this area for set activities such as discussion groups, sketching and body weight exercise classes.”

Mr Stutt said he hoped to hold events there, managed through his charity.

He told planning officers that the Lockinge Estate has agreed to provide parking space in the nearby Community Woodland, but he said expected visitor numbers to be relatively low.

He concluded: “The community garden will have very little impact to the local community and residents in West Lockinge, but for the families who use the space the benefit of interacting with others with Parkinson’s will be significant.”

Parkinson’s disease, which mainly affects people over-50, is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years.

The three main symptoms are involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body, slow movement and stiff, inflexible muscles.

Members of public can see the planning application at whitehorsedc.gov.uk using reference number P17/V2193/FUL, and the council is aiming to make a decision by December 5.