A POWERFUL art exhibition has been launched at the John Radcliffe Hospital about the ‘critical' 1001 days from conception to the age of two.

Organisation Zero2 Expo founder Alex Florschutz took to the streets of Oxford on Saturday to spread the word, via an umbrella, of the importance of pregnancy and early years development.

Ms Florschutz launched the exhibition with the city centre showcase by talking to people and showing off her umbrella of facts and figures.

She said: “My aim was to raise awareness of the 1001 Critical Days from conception up to age two.

“That time is a critical window of opportunity from a developing foetus to a baby where any trauma stress or poor nutrition for example can have a big impact.

“We really need to invest more into this by providing more money and services to give support for families and pregnant women.”

The exhibition will run at the hospital until January 6.