THE burned out wreckage of a car sits surrounded by ashes after a garage fire in Faringdon.

Not much is left but the shell of the car after the fire sparked shortly before 11am on Monday in Coxwell Lodge Drive.

Firefighters from Oxfordshire County Council and Dorset and Wiltshire were called to put out the blaze before it spread to adjoining garages and the neighbouring house to the back.

Oxford Mail:

Oxfordshire County Council fire and rescue service incident commander station manager Paul Webster said: “On arrival we were faced with a challenging incident as we needed to protect the neighbours’ garages to the side and a domestic property to the rear of the garage block.

“The owner did start to attack the fire with his garden hose but soon realised the best action was to call the fire service out to prevent a further escalation of the incident.

“On our arrival, good information from the occupier helped fire crews to understand exactly what they were facing and so were able to focus their initial attacks.

“We strongly recommend that members of the public practise good housekeeping in their own garages and sheds and have a good clear-out periodically.”

The quick action from the owner has been praised for enabling nearby cars to be moved and made safe as smoke billowed from the garage and fire risked spreading along the rest.