A FORMER UEFA production head recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder has disappeared from his Oxford home.                                                               

On Wednesday, October 18, Bernard 'Bernie' Ross left the house he shares with his wife and four children in Jericho at 11am saying that he was going to visit his sister in London.                                                               

However, family later discovered there had been no trip arranged and he has not been seen since.                                                                   

The 51-year-old, previously responsible for putting on some of football's biggest tournaments, left his wallet and phone behind and did not take extra clothes, but was carrying his passport and Ipad. 

His disappearance was registered with police the next day and the family have been informed that Interpol believe he may have entered France via Calais but Ipad tracking has not ruled out that he may still be in the UK.

Jack Abell, media officer for Thames Valley Police, confirmed officers were investigating the disappearance and were eager to hear from anyone with information.

Mr Ross's wife of 20 years, Jacinta Evans, also appealed for help, saying: "We would be so grateful if anyone can give any information about Bernie's movements and whereabouts. 

"Bernie has never disappeared like this before and we are intensely worried about him as we know he is not well and was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder following the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament last year. 

"We would be grateful if people everywhere would spread the word and ask if they have any information to contact Thames Valley Police reference 43170311231."

Mr Ross was once in charge of putting on some of the most viewed sporting events in the world, from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League to the UEFA Euro 2016, along with many more over the past 11 years.                                                                                      

But his career was cut short following a mystery illness that began during the summer of 2016 and continued throughout the autumn.                     

As uncharacteristic behaviour and severe mood swings began to surface, close UEFA colleagues became increasingly concerned.

By October life spiralled out of control for the sports executive and before he was given a firm diagnosis his departure from UEFA was announced. 

He was due to join Discovery Networks by the end of January 2017, but just after New Year he collapsed and was hospitalised.

He never did start the job at Discovery Networks, instead he spent the next six months in hospital after it was discovered he was suffering from a bipolar mixed affective disorder.

Mr Ross was being been treated with medication but he and his family's lives have been seriously impacted by the mental illness. 

So concerned was the TV broadcast world by his situation that a Just Giving page was set up to provide his family with much needed financial assistance. It raised almost £60,000 in just a few months.