AN OXFORD man, nicknamed 'Jihadi Jack' has been charged with being a member of terror group ISIS and is being held in Northern Syria, officials have confirmed.

Former Cherwell School pupil Jack Letts, 21, travelled to the war-torn country in 2014 after converting to Islam whilst in Oxford.

He was arrested by Kurdish forces in May in northern Syria after fleeing the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

Officials from the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) - who are fighting against ISIS and have declared an autonomous region - issued a statement to the BBC in which they said that Mr Letts is being held in a prison in Qamishli in northern Syria.

This is the first time Kurdish forces have confirmed the capture of Mr Letts.

Sinam Mohamad, the European representative of DFNS, told the BBC that they 'were treating Mr Letts in accordance with the Geneva Convention and international human rights standards.'

The statement also said that the Kurdish officials would be willing to hand over Mr Letts to the British government when they have completed their investigation but have not yet received any official request.

Mr Letts has previously said in interviews that he is opposed to ISIS.

His parents John Letts and Sally Lane have pleaded not guilty to charges of funding terrorism after being accused of sending cash to their son.

The Foreign Office told the BBC it cannot support British nationals in Syria because it has not have consular representation there.