A YOUNG woman who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour is hoping to paint the town of Witney orange to raise awareness of pituitary gland conditions.

Jessica Buck, 24, from Carterton, is single handedly transforming some of the town’s main streets on Saturday as part of Pituitary Awareness Month.

The Pituitary Foundation ambassador has got about 30 to 40 packs filled with orange balloons, banners and leaflets to decorate shops and businesses.

Miss Buck , who was 18 when she was diagnosed with micro-prolactinoma – a tumour on the pituitary gland at the base of the brain – said she was focusing on spreading the charity’s colour in High Street and around Marriotts Walk.

She said: “The Pituitary Foundation has been really great and really helped me since I was diagnosed.

“It’s not about raising money, it’s just about raising awareness.

"Hopefully people will see the orange, wonder what is going on, and ask questions.

“I’ll be around on the Saturday wearing my orange top.

"It’s just me, but the charity have sent me the packs.”

Miss Buck, who is a travel blogger and works as a travel consultant, said it was important to raise awareness of the condition because many people did not know about the symptoms.

Before she was diagnosed, Miss Buck began experiencing a catalogue of worrying symptoms, which included feeling exhausted, dizzy and suffered headaches.

Other symptoms associated with the condition include unexplained weight gain, enlarged hands and feet and 'moon face'.

Miss Buck added: “It’s quite common but lot of people do not know anything about it.”

She said a number of businesses in the town were already on board and gearing up for the big bright colours come Saturday, October 28.

After being diagnosed and starting on medication, Miss buck gave up her job as an estate agent to travel the world.

Her bog ‘Journeys with Jessica’, which was started in 2014 was nominated in the travel section for the UK Blog Awards 2016, beating more than 150 other blogs in the same category.

She is now an ambassador for the Pituitary Foundation, which is a national support and information organisation for pituitary patients and their families.