A DAD who has produced his very first children’s book at age 63 is encouraging would-be writers to cast their fears aside and put pen to paper.

Ian Meharg, of Aston near Witney, recently completed a feat that many spend their whole lives dreaming out – writing a novel and having it published.

The former salesmen hopes his first foray into the world of novel-writing, Nursey Corners and the Dastardly Duvet Plot, will inspire other aspiring authors and encourage children to pick up a book.

Mr Meharg, who writes under the name Glenn Coe, said: "I’ve always really enjoyed writing from my early days in school. I’ve always loved words and playing with them.

"People said I should do something with it but there’s a big difference between writing an amusing email to colleagues and writing a novel.

"Part of the reason I wanted to tell the story was all those people who have said to me ‘I would love to write a book sometime but I haven’t done it’.

"Nobody has missed their opportunity – it’s never too late to get started.”

Mr Meharg’s assisted self-published debut follows the story of Nursey Corners, who discovers some strange events at the Ministry of Sleep and suspects there is an inside plot to replace her beloved sheets and blankets with duvets.

She calls in Felicity Frampton to help and when Nursey suddenly disappears in the middle of the night, Felicity has to race against the clock to rescue her and expose the schemers.

Assisted self-publishing is a middle ground between publishing and self-publishing.

It allows the writer to retain all the rights to their work while making a one-off payment to a company for support with the publication process.

Mr Meharg found himself trying to get into the mindset of his two, now grown-up, children when they were younger.

He also used the children of his friends, performing readings to small audiences to gauge the response to his work.

Inspiring other aspiring writers was not Mr Meharg’s only goal when writing the book.

He also wanted to encourage children to pick up a book

He said: "I’m very passionate about involving children in reading.

"I read to both of my kids when they were younger and I was concerned that a lot of kids now were missing out on the pleasure of reading because their parents are not spending the time or they’re only going on their phones."

The book, taking the lead from shows like Wallace and Gromit, appeals on two levels: entertaining both children and their parents with the odd adult joke.

To buy a copy of the book go to amazon.co.uk/dp/1999776003

For more information on the author or to make contact go to facebook.com/glenn.coe.108