IT has been a saga which Narnia creator C.S Lewis could have written a novel about.

And a group of residents in Risinghurst have reached another chapter in their quest to reopen The Ampleforth Arms on the estate after more than two years of dreaming.

Coming through the many ups and downs of campaigning to re-open the estate pub in Collinwood Road, the Amp Revival community group will bring back to life the pub often frequented by C.S Lewis.

An official opening date is yet to be finalised, but The Amp’s cellar will be filled with beer again before it opens its doors again in November.

The ale house will be run my members of the community who formed The Amp Community Pub Ltd as part of their 18-month campaign.

In a statement to residents, said they were ‘delighted’ that a complete refurbishment of the pub would begin this week.

They added: “We expect to have your Ampleforth reopen under community control sometime in November.

“After more than two years, the Amp is coming back.”

Chairwoman Lyn Simms, who has lived on the estate for more than 30 years, was one of the founding members of the Save the Amp group.

Mrs Simms said the appetite for a pub in the area was a driving force to secure community control.

She added: “It’s taken a massive amount of time. We will be glad to have get in there and have a drink, though I’m not a big drinker.

“There has been a lot of hours put in, you don’t realise how much work has gone into it.

“It’s bee a pub that’s local to a lot people that have lived on and left the estate and been a local for years and year.

“It shows the power of positivity and determination and not letting anyone stand in your way.”

The committee are now looking for anyone with any skills to help with the start up for the pub to trade.

They have said anyone or any businesses which want to offer their services to help paint, clean, assemble furniture or help with electrical and plumbing works are welcome.

The big opening comes more than two years on since the pub closed its doors in June 2015 after Punch Taverns placed it on the market to be sold.

The community group tried to raise money to buy the pub before they secured a short-term lease to revive the free house.

It has also been registered as an asset of community value,

Several businesses and community members bought shares in the business.

Plans were unveiled earlier this year for sections of the to pub to be converted into flats, but work has not started to date.

The pub first opened in 1939 and according to CS Lewis expert Ronald Brind, was frequented by the Narnia author and also JRR Tolkien.