A CONSERVATIVE county councillor has said her party is failing to tackle health injustices which 'disfigure' the UK, as she took to the stage at the party's conference.

Dr Suzanne Bartington, who stood in Oxford East at this year's general election, said overcoming 'burning injustices' is at the heart of the party's values as they attempt to 'open up avenues of aspiration' regardless of social background.

But Dr Bartington, who lives in Witney and works as a clinical researcher in Oxford, said the Conservative Government has not yet done enough for the next generation.

Speaking on the main stage at the Tory conference in Manchester, Dr Bartington said: "Despite the progress that has been made to improve the social conditions in which we're born, grow, live, work and age, we have failed as a Government and as a party to tackle the health injustices that continue to disfigure our country.

"The health injustices that mean a baby born in inner Glasgow can have a shorter life expectancy than one born in areas of sub-Saharan Africa.

"The injustices that mean that same baby can have 17 years less in good health than one born in central London."

Dr Bartington was praised by fellow party members at the conference, including Oxfordshire County Council leader Ian Hudspeth.

She added: "Although advances have been made in the social conditions under the Conservative Government, we have not yet done enough for the next generation.

"To be a party of social mobility and opportunity, we need to tackle those injustices and avoidable differences in health outcomes.

"To be attractive to the voters of tomorrow, we need an optimistic vision that improves their life chances, a common goal for health and social equity, a policy agenda that is rooted in those core principles of social injustice to ensure that everyone, no matter who they are, where they are from, can achieve the highest standard of physical, mental health and wellbeing."

The Conservative election candidate for Oxford East was defeated in the general election by Labour’s Anneliese Dodds.