AN EIGHT-FOOT bird’s nest that will allow humans to experience things from a cuckoo’s perspective was one of the many items on display in Wytham Woods on Friday.

The science park opened up as part of Oxford University’s ‘Curiosity Carnival’ which saw 5000 people visit the city over the weekend to see the work of the city’s two universities and how they help the community.

Nigel Fisher, the conveyor of Wytham Woods, said he ‘loves talking science to the public' and receiving feedback’.

He said: “Usually as a scientist you’re working by yourself so it’s great to spread into wider community. As a university it’s the first time we’ve done anything of this scale and we were delighted with the outcome, the weather held and it was a huge success.”

He added 80 per cent of the people ‘loved’ sitting in the bird’s nest and 20 per cent had no idea what it was about.

The bird’s nest was created by Oxford-based artist Clair Chinnery and will remain there for a year in celebration of the park’s 75th anniversary. Mr Fisher said: “The art really made people think, which is the point of art”.

He added that the event, which involved overnight camping, saw more than 80 people of all ages attend, with the youngest only four.

The carnival was city-wide, and at Wytham Woods this included access to the park, badger watching, moth-catching, and a bat walk, as well as camping and stargazing.

It is run by the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes and activities take place across the city's museums, libraries and gardens.