CRAFT beer giant BrewDog will open its new Cowley Road bar today.

The East Oxford venue, formerly home to Harry’s and The Corridor, has been revamped to include 15 different draft lines and a permanent outdoor drinking space.

The bar at the junction with Princes Street will also serve a large selection of bottled beers to drink and take away, along with a burger menu. The bar is set to open from midday.

To launch the new venue, BrewDog is offering beer-loving people the chance to go ‘punking’- its take on punting.

Bar staff will be conducting ‘beer schools’ aboard a punt, where passengers can learn about the process of brewing beer, hear BrewDog’s story, and sample some of their finest brews.

BrewDog is based in Aberdeenshire, where the brewery was crowdfunded by 15,000 investors.

Its crowdfunding operation has since expanded.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said: “This bar is an exemplification of the commitment our Equity Punks have for sharing our collective passion for craft beer.

"They took on the task of becoming scouts for new sites, and found an amazing location for us to set up in Oxford. This bar is dedicated to their enthusiasm and zeal for great beer and refusing to settle for the status quo.

"Oxford’s craft beer scene has been growing steadily in recent years and we’re proud to join forces with other brewers standing up for innovation, imagination and taking risks.”