Uber could relaunch a bid to roll out its cheap taxi app in Oxford.

The service, which was recently banned by Transport for London, said it remained interested in operating in Oxford and could reapply for its licence in the future.

Its application was declared void in July 2016 after the firm let a twelve month window lapse without providing Oxford City Council with 'vital details' on how it would operate.

But following TfL's decision to deny Uber a new licence a spokesman for the company told the Oxford Mail it would not rule out reapplying in Oxford in the future.

In response to the threat two of the city's biggest taxi firms, 001 Taxis and Royal Cars launched apps.

In July last year 001 Taxis' director Mark Green was one of four directors to help set up a rival nationwide app called Riide.

Passengers can order a taxi from the app anywhere in the country and will be picked up by a local firm which controls each area - with 001 operating in Oxford.