A NEWLY-MARRIED couple have become the latest victims of a series of car vandalism attacks in North Oxford.

Tom and Emma Pocock had just returned from their honeymoon in Bulgaria when their family car was trashed by vandals while parked outside the block of apartments they live in, in William Lucy Way, Jericho.

Mrs Pocock’s green Mazda 2 had its tyres let down, its windscreen wipers ripped off, its aerial snapped off and a wing mirror smashed.

Mr Pocock, 37, said the couple thought they were being specifically targeted because their car was one of six vehicles parks in their private car park.

And it was not until that they learned of other incidents of damage including arson attacks had occurred in the area over the past few months.

The Mail reported last month that several cars were destroyed in a series of arson attacks.

The car fires took place in some of the most expensive streets in the city, spanning Summertown, Park Town and Jericho.

Cars were gutted by flames in St Margaret’s Road, Staverton Road, Southmoor Road, Oakthorpe Place, Beechcroft Road and Charlbury Road. But Thames Valley Police said there is nothing to suggest the previous spate is linked to the latest vandalism incident.

Mr Pocock said the incident had left his wife, 28, ‘distraught’ and wanting to move home.

He also said Thames Valley Police did not to send an officer to the scene of the crime and claimed he was told over the phone it was ‘unlikely’ there would be any evidence to gather.

He added: “We came down to the car on Sunday morning. I said ‘someone has let the air out your tyres’ and we got closer and closer and found the wiper blades had been ripped off. The wing mirror had also been kicked. This was in a car park with six other cars in it and nothing else had been touched.”

Mrs Pocock has lived in the area for a number of years with her six-year-old daughter.

The couple got married on September 1 in Oxford and had returned from their honeymoon in Bulgaria two days before the incident happened.

Mr Pocock said: “You never think it will happen to you.

“It was quite upsetting for Emma.

“The police said, from their point of view said there is probably no evidence. There is no witnesses so we are not going to send someone out. I thought that’s just awful. How can you tell whether there’s evidence or not? I got quite angry.

“I’m quite shocked the police were not doing anything about it at all and weren’t willing to come and talk to use."

Mr Pocock said the damage to the vehicle will cost the family about £600.

Thames Valley Police said it was aware of the report of a car vandalism, which happened overnight between September 16 and 17.

In a statement, they added: “We would ask anyone with information in connection with this incident to come forward and call 101. Our neighbourhood policing team have been informed of this incident for further intelligence on any similar incidents or anti-social behaviour.

“Thames Valley Police is committed to investigating and tackling crime but in all cases our policing response will be determined by the vulnerability of the victim, the seriousness of the incident and the circumstances.”

Mr Pocock said hopes to raise awareness to others in order to prosecute those responsible.