A FORMER Oxford schoolboy described as a 'model student' has been jailed for six-and-a-half years after becoming an online ISIS extremist.

Hussein Yusef, who was fostered in the city after arriving as an asylum seeker from Afghanistan in 2010, posted and shared terrorist-related content through Facebook and 'transformed' into a 'enthusiastic supporter' of so-called Islamic State.

A judge said the 20-year-old's actions demonstrated not only his admiration of ISIS, but his 'real wish' that this country should be 'ruled' by 'if not that organisation then by one with similar values'.

The former Oxford Spires Academy pupil is believed to have lived in Cowley and was a keen cricketer, playing for East Oxford and Wayfarers cricket clubs.

His former headteacher, Sue Croft, told the Oxford Mail he was one of the 'most hardworking, 'helpful and humble' pupils at the school in Glanville Road, East Oxford.

Mrs Croft spoke at Yusef's trial at Kingston Crown Court, London, and described him as a 'pleasure to teach' and 'eager to learn'.

Yesterday Mrs Croft, who retired in July, added: "It was a complete surprise.

"He was a very positive part of Oxford Spires. It's very sad indeed."

"He kept himself to himself. He was not very chatty but he was obviously very bright."

Mrs Croft said she found about Yusef's crimes when anti-terrorism officers came the school to find out information about the former pupil.

She added: "I never knew any detail other than he was in court to do with terrorism.

"All I could tell them was what he was like, but clearly something had gone very sadly wrong since."

Trevor Williams, former chairman of Wayfarers Cricket Club, which folded in 2015, said Yusef played 11 games for the Sunday side between 2011 and 2012.

The 74-year-old from Cowley said the then schoolboy played on occasions when extra players were needed.

He added: "I used to pick him up, but I didn't know him.

"He used to come to the games and play cricket and when he was not playing he just sat on his computer.

"He never socialised with the other boys in the team.

At his trial jurors heard Yusef posted his 'terrorist beliefs' through several Facebook accounts between December 2015 and July 2016.

Extremist and terrorist-related material found on the accounts included ISIS-related videos and images, including a number of executions and propaganda material.

Yusef, of Streatley Road, Kilburn, London, also posted a list containing information purporting to be details of US military personnel, including addresses, which could be used by others wanting to commit terrorist offences.

Judge Paul Dodgson said at the Yusef's sentencing on Friday that he thought he was 'closely linked' to one post on a Facebook page which said 'All praised to Allah alone date of 700 US army pigs completely hacked'.

The court heard how, after coming out of the care of Oxfordshire Social Services, Yusef moved to London in 2014 before his application to seek asylum failed in September 2015.

By that stage he had overstayed his right to be in the UK, but he continued to work 'long hours' in chicken shops in North London.

Judge Dodgson said by that time he had been transformed into a young man who was 'clearly an enthusiastic supporter of ISIS'.

He added:"My conclusions as to that mindset was that you had now developed an attitude of real hostility to this country."

The Metropolitan Police's counter terrorism command arrested Yusef on July 20, 2016, in West London, near to a fast food restaurant he was working at.

A seized a mobile phone was analysed, which revealed Yousef had used it to log into the various Facebook accounts.

Commander Dean Haydon, from the Met, said: "Yusef was sharing content to get others to support ISIS's 'evil and hateful ideology."

Judge Dodgson said Yusef was a young man with no previous convictions and he added he accepted Yusef was 'immature' at the time of the offences.

Yusef was convicted of three terrorism offences – one count of collecting or making a record of terrorist information, one count of encouraging terrorism and one count of dissemination of a terrorist publication.

He was found not guilty of one count of encouraging terrorism and one count of dissemination of a terrorist publication.

He was jailed for a total of six years and six months for the three crimes and Judge Dodgson recommended him to be deported once he has served his sentence.

Yusef was placed on the terrorism notification register for a period of 15 years.