BI-Visibility Day was marked in Oxford with a special flag flown over the Town Hall’s Carfax Building.

The day celebrated bisexuality, bisexual history, and the bisexual community and culture on Saturday.

It is the second year,the city council has flown the Bi-Pride Flag – which is pink, purple and blue.

East Oxford resident Stephanie Tee submitted the request to fly the flag.

She said: “I hope flying the flag will contribute to bisexuality being more widely recognised as a valid identity. We are not people who are ‘too scared to be gay’ or who ‘haven’t made our minds up yet’. It’s important for bi people to realise they are not alone or a freak when they find themselves attracted to people of more than one gender.

Councillor Tom Hayes , said the council was glad to support International Bi Visibility Day.

He added: "As a council we seek to create a cohesive and tolerant community in the city and to understand the particular challenges facing different groups.