ARMED with a bicycle, two bamboo sticks and a pair of floats, campaigner Dhruv Boruah passed through the county on his mission to clean-up the Thames.

The 35-year-old from central London, has pledged to cycle 150 miles unsupported on the river Thames using his handmade buoyant bicycle to tackle plastic pollution.

Mr Boruah has been picking up rubbish along the way and hopes the event will help encourage people to pledge their commitment to battling litter.

Speaking from onboard his bicycle, he said: “I always wanted to do more adventures and push myself out of my comfort zone.

“Recently I have been learning a lot more about plastic pollution and thought, as a normal citizen, why not try to help?”

The six-day stunt started in Lechlade on Monday, with Mr Boruah reaching Oxford on Wednesday.

Updates are being posted online of his journey and as he reached Osney Lock in west Oxford, the campaigner posted how he was inundated with litter – including 26 plastic bottles, four takeaway packets, four energy drink cans, three plastic bags and a pen.

Mr Boruah added: “I have two racks on the back which I have filled up each day. I wouldn’t say Oxford has been any worse than other areas, but before I got to Osney Lock it was quite nice, then I could tell I had got to an urban area as I started seeing the cans, takeaway packets and beer bottles.”

Mr Boruah hopes to complete the journey by tomorrow.