A DIDCOT fundraising organisation that has made a difference to the lives of countless ill children is celebrating its 10th anniversary by seeking to raise another £10,000.

Andrew Baker, who has lived with a brain injury since birth, set up Play2Give in 2007 to continue the fundraising efforts he started whilst a student at St Birinus School in the town.

More than £60,000 has since been raised by the group for Oxfordshire charities including brain injury charity Headway and Oxford Children's Hospital thanks to events including an annual football tournament.

The 29-year-old said: "When I started this I would not have believed that I would still be doing it now.

"Everyone seems to really get behind me.

"I started off with a small group of friends and more and more people got involved.

"I can't believe how far it has come."

When he was born Mr Baker was rushed into a special baby care unit after doctors discovered a brain injury.

The condition was so debilitating that he wasn't able to talk until he was five.

When he was 12 he underwent surgery to remove a bony spur from his skull.

The Great Western Drive resident said: "Living with a brain injury can make daily life difficult.

"My brain doesn't always function as well as other people's.

"It can be hard for me to keep going and each day is challenging but it never stops me."

In recognition for his tireless work on behalf of causes close to his heart, Mr Baker received a British Citizen Award in July 2017 at the Palace of Westminster.

The contribution that Play2Give has made to the Oxford Children’s Hospital, in Headington, has been so significant that there is now a room at the hospital specially named after it.

Joseph Baker, a spokesperson for the hospital said: "I have seen first-hand the work that Play2Give and the community do to support our very special hospital.

"There is even more reason to celebrate as this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Oxford Children’s Hospital alongside 10 years of amazing support from Play2Give.

"Without the invaluable support we would not be able to offer the specialist medical equipment, facilities and research to help our patients and their families."

Charlotte Carlisle, the business administration manager at Headway Oxfordshire, also sung the praises of the charity.

She said: "We have known Andrew for six years.

"Most recently he has helped us to develop activities at our rehabilitation centre and raise the money for some new neurological physical equipment for our patients.

"We are now the only place in Oxfordshire that can offer this service.

"Andrew is always striving to achieve something new so is such a great guy to have around.

"The support that he gives is invaluable and we are hugely grateful. I have no doubt that he will achieve his target of raising £10,000 this year."

A special fundraising ball to celebrate the anniversary will be held on Friday September 29 at the Civic Hall in Didcot.

To find out more about the charity and its upcoming fundraising events visit play2give.org.uk