Sir – I am deeply disappointed by the Thames Valley Police and crime commissioner’s (PCC) inability to agree the unification of the emergency services under his command (Report, The Oxford Times, August 17).

We should not be expected to fund three separate fire services in the Thames Valley when Thames Valley Police has had a single police force serving the area for decades with no loss of performance. It is no surprise that self-serving fire chiefs have advised the PCC against the merging of emergency response organisations in spite of the evidence that separate organisations in a major incident only compound the mistakes by silo-working.

Promises of better co-operation are not good enough from the high-priced help in each of the three headquarters, as these good intentions will be thwarted by union intransigence and weak politically correct leadership. A better example is the PCC for Essex, who is forcing through this sensible amalgamation against county council opposition with an adjudicator, if necessary.

As the tragedy at Grenfell Tower showed, demarcation lines between response units cannot continue.

I have worked with fire services since taking over their duties as a Regular soldier in the very first fire strike of the late 1970s and throughout my time as an emergency planner.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the bravery and commitment of all ranks in their fire and rescue role but little time for senior management’s so-called leadership.

John Kelly Colwell Drive. Oxford

Former county emergency planning officer, Oxfordshire (1992-2008)