Oxford's local plan must do more to address the 'desperate shortage' of affordable housing in the city, campaigners have claimed.

Responding to the publication of the local plan by the city council - which sets out potential development and planning policies through to 2036 - the Oxford Civic Society said it agreed with 34 of the 'preferred options' outlined.

In the detailed response document, which was posted on their website on Saturday. the charity said it would accept a further 61 options with reservations but do not agree with 11.

Plans to build higher density housing developments - including four and five story blocks - would be supported by the group but only if they are appropriate and sensitively done.

The civic society also urged the council to prioritise new housing sites over employment sites and said that more must be done to ensure developers include a proportion of affordable housing in all new build sites.

"Responsibilities for planning in the Oxford city region are fragmented and uncoordinated" the organisation's analysis found leading them to call for the city and county councils to work closer together, particularly on establishing a transport strategy to support the new developments and relieve traffic in the city as a whole.

The public consultation period for the local plan closed last Friday and all responses will now be considered at a meeting in January, followed by a final consultation in summer 2018.