FIAZ Munshi’s escape from justice tormented the Khan Akhtar family for 17 years.

The family always knew she had a big part in the plan to burn their house down, causing the deaths of their two youngest children.
Mehfooz Akhtar, mother of murdered Anum and Majid Khan, could not bring herself to visit her children’s graves because questions remained unanswered before Munshi was jailed.

The family lost almost everything they owned in the fire but rebuilt their home and live there today.

Munshi fled to Pakistan two days before charges were brought against the other killers and arrests were made. At the time the rest of the gang went on trial in 1998, the family called for Munshi to be brought back from Pakistan.

She returned to Sheffield in 2004, but was not arrested until October 2013, due to a police error which meant her return was not flagged up.
After Munshi’s trial in 2014, the former girlfriend of Amjad Khan and sister of Riaz Munshi was convicted of manslaughter and jailed for 13 years

She was described as the ‘driving force’ behind the killings after the Khan family stopped her from seeing their son Amjad. 

A senior police officer apologised after her sentencing for an error that delayed her arrest and subsequent conviction for manslaughter.
Thames Valley Police Det Insp Craig Kirby said he had personally said sorry to the Khan family for the failure to arrest Munshi when she returned to the UK in 2005.

It was left up to Anum and Majid’s older sister Nazmeen Akhtar to prompt the police investigation that led to Munshi’s arrest, after she had a recurring nightmare about her.

The 39-year-old, whose phone call to police in 2012 led to the arrest of Munshi, said she wanted to share a message of hope with the families of victims of unsolved violent crimes.

She said: “Never give up. Keep going, because even after years and years there can be justice.
“It doesn’t mean that the pain goes away because that will be with us forever but now we try to focus on the positive memories.”