NEIGHBOURS of Oxford railway station have criticised a proposed £75m transformation scheme and claimed that Network Rail has ignored their concerns.

The rail infrastructure operator, together with Oxford City Council, wants to revamp the 1970s-era station and replace it with state-of-the-art facilities, including an extra platform.

A 'masterplan' of the station redevelopment was first launched in 2014 but the project had stalled due to lack of funds.

Now, a consultation has been released publishing the full details of what the new 'gateway into Oxford' could look like.

About 20 residents living to the west of the station, in Cripley Road and Mill Street, marched to the Town Hall on Saturday in protest at the plans.

They argue the transformation would 'destroy' their quiet residential area, turning it into the main concourse towards the station and a new car park.

Waving placards and banners the group then met with city council officers to raise their concerns.

Julian Le Vay, of the Abbey and Cripley Roads Residents Association, said: "We are not Nimbys. We accept the need to regenerate and expand the station.

"But what we are saying is that the plan that Network Rail has appears to have no reference to anybody living here at all.

"It will affect us profoundly and we feel completely ignored."

He said the plans would see a line of trees cut down which currently screen the area at Cripley Road from the train station and instead see a new car park put up.

It would also see the little-used road become one of the key routes into the train station, attracting 'significant' numbers of vehicles.

Fellow campaigner Jo Le Vay, Mr Le Vay's wife, who also joined the march, said: "This is a lovely community and area and these plans are just too big.

"They will just knock these trees down and that whole street will be living in a car park.

"A little place that has been a cul-de-sac and a place where children play would suddenly be the main route to the station all day and all night."

The redevelopment scheme is out for consultation and if approved it would create a new station building with east, west and south entrances as well as increase the number of rail tracks from four to six.

There would also be a new bus interchange and space for twice as many bicycle bays, new shops, offices, a hotel and additional housing.

Botley Road would be widened to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Network Rail said that by 2019 the station would be at 'saturation point', with a surge in passenger numbers since 1997.

Mark Langman, Network Rail's western managing director, said: "A railway station should be the shop window for the city it serves and it needs to make a statement.

"Rebuilding Oxford Station is a priority – this is a massive growth area and we have got to be able to cater for that."

The consultation, which was launched on June 30, closes on August 25.

The city council did not respond to a request for comment.