GREEN Belt campaigners plan to repeatedly press the pedestrian crossings on the A44 in protest as thousands of motorists head to Countryfile Live tomorrow.

The 'peaceful' protest by Begbroke and Yarnton Green Belt Campaign is against plans to build 3,990 homes on land between Oxford and Kidlington.

Villagers will press the button at the crossings by Budgens and outside Begbroke Science Park on all four days of the event and hold placards to highlight the issue.

Cherwell District Council are currently consulting on plans for 4,400 homes - with all but 410 on protected land.

Protest organiser, Denise Greenspan, said: "It will triple the size of the two villages and decimate the Green Belt and all the wildlife and green space.

"What better time to highlight this than while thousands of people head to Countryfile Live."

Traffic chaos marred the first two days of last year's event with motorists queuing for hours to get into Blenheim Palace.

Organisers SME London said that ‘lessons have been learned’ and that a new traffic management team was in place as well as a new 2,000-space car park.

The Yarnton woman defended the protest and said cars would be 'moving at a snail's pace' and that the constant pressing of the pedestrians crossing wouldn't have a great impact on journey times.

Protesters said they intended to press the button between 9-11am and then again late afternoon.