A NUMBER of revellers at Truck Festival woke up this morning to find their wallets, cash, phones and car keys had been taken.

While none have been reported to the police, festival organisers said they were aware of the situation.

Now, some of the festival-goers are considering leaving the rock event at Hill Farm, Steventon, near Didcot, saying they will 'never' go again.

Orgainsers were criticised yesterday after music lovers had to wait hours in long queues to get in.

Harriet Hammond and partner Tom Barrett, 29, from Cowley were one couple whose tent was targeted in the spate of alledged thefts.

The 27-year-old said she heard about 30 people had reported thefts to security officials. 

She added: "It’s a festival, so you try and keep your valuables on us and you don’t leave them in your tent, but we came back to sleep in our tent and have woken up to find someone has opened our tent door and gone through our bags and stolen money from my purse.

"They also gone through jacket pockets. We are quite careful campers.

"They came through while we slept in the tent which is actually terrible."

Ms Hammond estimated thousands of pounds had been taken in cash from the tents targeted near her.

It is not known if the police have been informed at this stage.

Festival Organiser, Matt Harrap he was aware a small number of alleged thefts had taken place.

He added: "We are currently working with security to investigate this further. 

"We have strict security measures in place and have security personnel and police officers patrolling 24 hours a day in the car parks and campsites, however, we remind our guests to keep valuables on their person at all times."

Mr Barrett added the festival had lost its local theme and become too commercialised.

He said: "We have not been told what is going on.

“We are considering leaving. When we go to bed tonight how are we supposed to feel safe?"

Last night Franz Ferdinand kicked off this year's Truck Festival in the festival's 20th year.

Truck Festival was founded by brothers Robin and Joe Bennett, from Steventon, initially as a birthday celebration for Robin.

They built it up from a gathering of friends with a handful of local bands to a national player, staging artists of the calibre of Supergrass, Foals, Mercury Rev, The Mystery Jets, The Charlatans, The Lemonheads, Biffy Clyro and Radiohead's Philip Selway.

The brothers handed over control of the festival to Mr Harrap and the team for the 2012 event after running into financial difficulties.