THREE chefs at an award-winning restaurant are bringing their home to the table after taking part in a challenge to craft a canapé reminiscent of where they come from.

Chefs de partie Dominic Williamson and Juniel Sueta, and demi chef Todirica 'Toddy' Ciprian are pictured with the fruit of their labours.

Each was given the challenge at Restaurant 56 which is part of the Sudbury House Hotel, Faringdon, to showcase their own culinary skills and to serve up a slice of home.

Mr Williamson is from England and served up mini oat cakes, Ms Sueta is from The Philippines and crafted crispy pork balls and Romanian Mr Ciprian presented a barbecued aubergine puree as their home dish.

Executive chef at the hotel Andrew Scott said: "It was to get the chefs involved with the selection of the menu.

"We come up with all the food ideas and all of the new dishes. They do have a say but we just wanted them to do something from scratch to say they made it themselves.

"They are all really lovely people and its about giving them a bit of the limelight.

"We want them to give them out to the customers next and explain what they are.

"Chefs are notorious for being behind the kitchen and not very sociable so its a way to break that barrier and make them feel proud of what they do."