AN AGEING community centre has been temporarily closed.

The Bullingdon Community Centre in Peat Moors, Headington, which is used by about 400 people and a wide range of groups each week, was closed by Oxford City Council at short notice yesterday.

The move comes after a recent survey revealed that the building had deteriorated further.

City council executive director for sustainable city Tim Sadler said: “We are currently exploring the feasibility of installing a further seven props so that the building can safely remain open until construction on the £500,000 new hall starts. 

“Work was due to start on this next June; we are now seeing if we are able to bring this forward. 

“City council officers are currently working with Bullingdon Community Association, which manages the building, and users to find alternative space.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this decision will cause, but the safety of the centre’s users has to be our priority.”

Built in 1948, it is the only community centre serving the Lye Valley and Wood Farm area.

In March funding was allocated to rejuvenate the building, with particular focus on the main hall, by the city council after a survey last August revealed cracks in the walls, which sparked fears among its users that it may be forced to close if left unrepaired.