DIDCOT residents have woken up this morning to all new faces representing them both on the district and town councils.

Last night the results were announced of the new South Oxfordshire District Councillors and Didcot Town Councillors.

There were big changes afoot in the town council, with four out of the five new councillors from the Labour Party.

Simon Hewerdine, who led and won the campaign to save Ladygrove Park from having a technology campus built on it, was voted to represent Ladygrove ward.

Labour maintained their grasp on the Didcot South seat, after veteran councillor Margaret Davies stepped down earlier this year. 

Mokbul Khan received 100 more votes than Conservative candidate and current mayor of the town Jackie Billington.

Conservative Ian Snowdon is now councillor for Didcot West.

New South Oxfordshire District Councillors:

Didcot South Ward: Mokbul Khan Labour 631 votes

Didcot West Ward: Ian Snowdon Conservatives 429 votes

New Didcot Town Councillors:

Ladygrove: Simon Hewerdine Independent 736 votes

Northbourne: Maria Augustine Labour 307 votes

Northbourne: Mokbul Khan Labour 307 votes

Orchard: Nick Hards Labour 61 votes

All Saints: Denise Macdonald Labour 392 votes

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