FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning to inconsiderate parkers after being held up in Bicester. 

Crews were heading down Kempton Close, in Kingsmere, at about 1am after responsing to an emergency in the area.

Firefighters were unable to get their fire engine down the length of the road due to inconsiderately parked cars blocking their way.

Taking to Facebook, Bicester Fire Station's official account posted: "We were unable to get through the parked cars on the road.

"Luckily we weren't attending an emergency further down the road as we would have had to move by hand at least one car out of the way.

"As it was we could not have got through without physically causing damage which we really wouldn't want to do.

"If this had been an emergency for any of the residents we would have been delayed significantly in getting through.

"Please remember, we need our space, and it could be you that needs our help. Please park considerably (sic)."