TRAVELLERS are once again plaguing residents after parking up at a Marston road despite Oxfordshire County Council putting up new bollards to deter them.

The group of travellers were spotted on Wednesday at Marston Ferry Road, having made their way passed new bollards erected last month.

Despite the new deterrent they managed to slip past nearby ageing wooden bollards which have not been replaced, and are now causing a safety hazard for cyclists, one city councillor claims.

Marston councillor for Oxford City Council Mary Clarkson said: “It is a significant issue for local people. It is a very heavily used road and we have to make sure that it is protected.

“There has been concerns about rubbish and I have heard about doors banging open on to the path. It is a physical obstacle.

“I have not heard anything about anti-social behaviour I think it is more the physical obstacle for cyclists that is a problem.

“At the beginning of the school day there are lots of cyclists using the path and if it is windy and the caravan door swings open it is dangerous.”

In response Oxfordshire County Council warned they would seek to evict the trespassers.

Spokeswoman Emily Reed said: “We are aware of the travellers at Marston Ferry Road and are going through a due process to seek an eviction. An inspection will be carried out of the bollards on the cycle and footpath shortly and any that appear to need replacing will be replaced.”