FRUSTRATION is mounting over delays to the long-awaited £20m redevelopment of the Castle Mill Boatyard site.

Planning permission was first given in 2015 for a piazza to be created between St Barnabas Church and the Oxford Canal.

But there has been no movement on the project since last year, leading to calls for action to be taken to speed the process along.

According to the plans, the completed project will include a community centre, boatyard, nursery, restaurant and 22 homes.

While developers Strategic Iconic Assets Heritage Acquisition Fund (SIAHAF) say they are still working on the plan, they are remaining tight-lipped on when something could happen.

Chief executive Johnny Sandelson said all parties wanted a 'positive outcome' for the scheme.

He said he was meeting city council planning officers on Tuesday and could not comment further at this stage.

However, campaigners are calling for news on when they might see movement.

Dr Phyllis Starkey is chairwoman of Jericho Wharf Trust, which includes Jericho Community Association, Jericho Living Heritage Trust, St Barnabas Church parochial church council, and The Jericho Community Boatyard.

She said: "After the level of developer contributions were agreed last year there hasn't been any progress, which is very frustrating for everyone.

"It's an excellent scheme in line with the council's planning guidance, meets the community needs of boaters and will provide a community centre, boatyard and public square.

"It's a complicated scheme but the developer knew that when he bought the site.

"The Canal and River Trust wants this part of the Oxford Canal to be properly developed and I think the wider community in Oxford wants that too.

"We are frustrated by the lack of progress and hope work on the site will get under way soon."

City Council leader Bob Price has said if there is no news in the coming weeks on the project then he will seek a formal meeting with SIAHAF.

The scheme, approved by Oxford City Council in February 2015, only includes a single bridge for pedestrians and cyclists at the end of Great Clarendon Street.

Then community group Jericho Wharf Trust suggested the scheme should include a second bridge over the canal into the proposed piazza, although this has yet to be agreed.

Peter Stalker, trustee of the trust and treasurer of Jericho Community Association, said: "Mr Sandelson got involved a few years ago and said he would try to break the deadlock by trying to bring everyone together and he succeeded in starting that process.

"Nothing has really happened after planning permission was granted and that's frustrating for everyone.

"We are now waiting for Mr Sandelson to say exactly what the latest position is."

It has now been 11 years since boaters were evicted from the site to make way for re-development.

Jericho and Osney Labour city councillor Susanna Pressel said many people in Jericho were also annoyed by the long delay in work starting on the site.

She added: "We worked so hard over more than ten years to fight off unsuitable planning applications and to reach a compromise that would deliver a new community centre, a public square, a boatyard and some affordable housing.

"Now the developer has his permission, but progress has stalled - we want to know why."